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Four J’s Entertainment understand how stressful the planning and preparation of your perfect Wedding is, and because of this we believe a personalised service is essential.

We offer a face to face consultation at no extra cost with all our Wedding Packages should you feel the need.

We want to fully understand what your wishes for your special day allowing us to help turn your dreams and vision into a reality.

With our Wedding Package you will be guaranteed a professional and experienced Wedding DJ, who has the experience and knowledge to ensure your evening reception goes exactly as you planned.

Wedding Party Picture

Wedding Party Picture

Wedding Party Picture

 What to consider?

The main goal at a wedding party is to bring together the often very diverse range of people who are attending.  At the average wedding this can range from young children to grandma & granddad and everyone else in between who will all have very different ideas about what good music is and what makes a good party.  As you can imagine this presents anyone providing the music with a bit of conundrum.

So a balance of music that everyone can relate to is usually the way forward.  Often the problem isn’t so much the music itself, it’s the way it’s presented and when it is played.

The most common request made before the day is “no cheesy party music under any circumstances”.  Now I agree the days of Agadoo and Superman are numbered but banning anything remotely party or danceable, just to be cool, is one sure fire way to ruin your party, it’s why they call it party music, not driving music, if that makes any sense? 

In other words just because I might choose to play a bit of Barry White or Abba at a wedding it doesn’t mean I drive home listening to it.  Often you, the bride or groom, will send me lists of your favourite music so we can play what you want with a mix of the classics, and as much as it is your day if the aim is to get everyone dancing and having fun. There is always a way to keep the personal music included and everyone happy.

So it’s not easy being a musician or DJ at a wedding, but with the right attitude and sensitivity towards the audience and a clear idea about what’s to be achieved a great time can be had by all.

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